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We are a group who has had enough of the Yewtree nonsense, in case you haven't guessed.

We'd like to stress that we are in no way mocking real victims of abuse. However, we do not believe that those people involved in the Yewtree cases are victims.

In fact, we believe that the real victims are the people who are having their reputations dragged through the mud when there is no real evidence against them.

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We have been outraged at these allegations since it began with Jimmy Savile. People have labelled him a 'paedophile' based solely on word of mouth and everyone has believed it. He may have done it, nobody knows, but the fact that everyone is jumping on the 'well somebody said he did it, so he must have done' bandwagon just proves what a ridiculous nation we have become. The fact is, regardless if he did it or not, HE’S DEAD! Therefore, he cannot go through the courts, cannot give his own evidence... yet he's been found guilty anyway.


Since then, Operation Yewtree has been set up to try and frame famous men for offenses that may or may not have occurred years ago. So called ‘historical abuse’.


But how do you get someone to believe you were abused years after the event when there is no hard evidence or if, heaven forbid, it didn’t happen at all? Easy! You make it up and hope the public are stupid enough to fall for it, which they obviously are. What’s more, there might even be a lovely little cash bonus in it for you if you go for someone famous. Plus, a celebrity is going to find it difficult to stay out of the public eye, so you don’t even need a guilty verdict to ruin their reputation.

Guilty until proven innocent.

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It gets better. People have always been suckers for gossip, so it’s understandable that they might allow themselves to fall for these lies, but now even the courts are falling for it. On July 4th, Rolf Harris was convicted on 12 counts of indecent assault based on extremely flimsy evidence. The case for the prosecution was almost entirely based on the statements of the ‘victims’. Amazing. The British legal system has really been reduced to believing everything that someone says. No need for evidence here!


It also doesn’t seem strange to people that the ‘victims’ are going out of their way to leech the money from Harris’ estate. Surely they just want justice? Doesn’t the fact that Tonya Lee had already sold her story to the media, which was clearly the only reason why she didn’t remain anonymous, ring little

alarm bells in anyone’s head? The prosecutor asked the question “Just because she has received money, does that mean that what happened to her was not true?” Of course not, but it also doesn’t mean it is true. Try asking the question “would you be willing to stretch the truth if you were going to receive 60 000 dollars for your story?”


Then there’re the claims of assault from his daughter’s friend, the same woman with whom he had a 14 year affair with. Doesn’t it seem odd that she would continue to see a man who had previously abused her? She also tried to bribe Harris in 2012, asking for £25 000, which he refused to give her. If she was so traumatised by the events, why would she care about money? Here’s another question, why would he admit to the affair, knowing that he’d sexually abused the woman? Why wouldn’t he completely deny it? Isn’t it possible that she was upset and bitter because he ended the affair and decided to take it out on him by threatening to expose the affair?


These ‘victims’ were so traumatised that not one of them came forward until Harris was put under the Yewtree spotlight. They’ve managed to have perfectly normal relationships since, not exactly the usual profile of a victim of sexual assault. So are they really victims? Or is it more likely that they saw an opportunity for publicity and money and they took it? Lies are being spread and reputations are being soiled. There is no evidence and yet people are being convicted anyway.  


So this begs the question, why aren’t people more concerned? It’s all well and good everyone pointing the finger, but what if this happened to you? If someone can be convicted based on someone saying they’re guilty, how easy would it be for someone to get you done for anything... anything at all. We now live in a country where everyone is guilty until proven innocent, so we’d better be careful not to place a foot out of line.

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